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What to see in Garfagnana

Visiting Garfagnana


One of the great strengths of the Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte is its centrality in the Tuscan territory. The hotel is near to many points of interest and regions of great appeal. Among these is Garfagnana, which is just minutes away by car.

Many locations truly are worth a visit. Among these, we highlight:

  • San Romano: a village that still today preserves its original medieval urban plan;
  • Orecchiella Park: a natural reserve of 5 hectares with an abundance of birch, chestnut, pine and fir forests. Populated by deer, mouflon and wild boar;
  • Barga: considered by Pascoli as an adopted city, it is here that the writer gave his speech in favour of the Campaign of Libya. To see: the Cathedral, the Church of the Santissima Annunziata and the buildings of the old town centre;
  • Castelnuovo di Garfagnana: not to be missed is the Rocca Ariostesca, the Cathedral with the Altarpiece of San Giuseppe and a Black Christ, the Alfieri Theatre, the Fortress of Montalfonso;
  • Gallicano: a characteristic village with medieval walls and a more recent wall of Renaissance origin. The Pieve di San Jacopo and the nearby Rocca di Trassilico are worth a visit.

parco orecchiella


The best scenic trails of the Garfagnana


For those who want to take a romantic walk or simply appreciate the beauty from another viewpoint. Here are some of the paths of the Airone, able to lead us into the most fascinating spots of the Apuan Alps.

The Airone trails form a system of three routes that lead us into Orecchiella Park. The first route takes us to the mountain pasture of Campaiana; the second to the Prati di Ripa; the third to Monte Prado and Lake Bargetana.

lago bargetana


Trekking in Garfagnana with children


Those travelling with their children and grandchildren can relax and have fun in the open air with long and pleasant strolls along paths perfect for the little ones.

The itinerary that should not be missed is the one that takes us among the Garfagnana mountains and that has Orecchiella Park as its point of reference. The best time is from May to September.

There are plenty of guided trails that allow us to observe many animal species in the area up close.

isola santa


Activities in Garfagnana with children


Those who are on holiday with their little ones can choose from among a wide range of activities and excursions to discover landscapes, history, culture:

  • Fortress of the Verrucole: located in San Romano in Garfagnana, it is a castle of medieval origin. We can visit the rooms where armour and memorabilia are kept or watch the re-enactments in the courtyard staged by actors in costume;
  • Adventure on Lake Vagli: here you can cross the suspension bridge over the water. Guaranteed fun for the kids. Moreover, the occasional emptying of the lake makes it possible to admire the underwater ghost village;
  • Enjoy the outdoors with a picnic and outdoor games. Among the recommended locations: Campocatino, Orecchiella, Argegna, San Pellegrino in Alpe, Campaiana, Prade Garfagnina;
  • Grotta del Vento (Cave of the Wind): an authentic speleological wonder near Fornovalasco, with itineraries that allow you to feel the wind that “arrives from the heart of the mountain”;
  • Selva del Buffardello: an adventure park with 10 trails (including 3 for children) and a prehistoric village.


grotta del vento

Three days in Garfagnana


What if you only have three days to visit? Nothing to worry about. Here’s what to visit:

  • Castiglione di Garfagnana and Coreglia Antelminelli;
  • Carrara and Colonnata with a visit to the Corchia cave;
  • The lake of Vagli;
  • Equi Terme;
  • Pontremoli;
  • Bagnone, Fivizzano, Villafranca in Lunigiana.


castiglione di garfagnana

Weekend in Garfagnana


For those who want to spend a weekend among ancient villages and breathtaking landscapes, we recommend:

  • The Devil’s Bridge in Borgo a Mozzano;
  • Barga, part of the circuit of “The most beautiful villages in Italy”;
  • Hermitage of Calomini;
  • Castelnuovo di Garfagnana.


ponte del diavolo

Garfagnana, the best itineraries


There are many routes you can follow to discover some of the territory’s most beautiful places. The one we propose is the most complete itinerary, able to immerse you in the soul of Garfagnana.

The itinerary has a duration of 3 hours and 25 minutes, and this route can be followed all year round because the roads are in excellent condition.

Departure and arrival point: Lucca.

Stops: Borgo Mozzano, Gallicano, Cave of the Wind, Hermitage of Calomini, Vergemoli, Castelnuovo Garfagnana, Piazza del Serchio, Verrucola Castle.

castello della verrucola

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