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Biodynamics at the Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte

The miracle of nature

The cuisine of the Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte and its Michelin-starred restaurant is renowned not only for the attention to detail during the preparation of dishes but also for the care given to the choice of ingredients, which must meet specific standards of quality and sustainability.

Chosen with a view to sustainable catering, most produce is selected from a local vegetable garden, “Biodinamica Mediterranea”, a family business and one of the first in the area to introduce cultivation methods based on biodynamics with the aim of growing excellent fruit and vegetables while respecting the environment.

The 12,000 square-metre farm, a short distance from the Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte, grows a wide variety of produce, from fresh seasonal vegetables to the more unusual finger lime and cucamelon and edible flowers.

Whilst organic methods limit the use of chemicals to a minimum, in biodynamic agriculture, which relies purely on natural techniques, none are used.

Environmentally sustainable cuisine at the GH Principe di Piemonte

As a hotel that aims to become increasingly sustainable, the produce used in the Principe di Piemonte is cultivated in a healthy environment and with great care. For example, each plant has its ideal time for planting according to the phases of the moon, which are therefore carefully observed.

Another technique used is that of aquaculture, where plants are grown directly in water and which therefore reduces the need for irrigation water by up to 90%. In order to do this, a small koi carp aquafarm was created to provide naturally fertilised water.
The health of the plants is directly related to that of fish, which are continuously monitored along with the pH of the water.

Bees are also kept in order to encourage the natural pollination of the plants.

Vermicomposting is used in the cultivation of the crops, thereby avoiding the use of chemical fertilisers. In this technique, earthworms transform plant waste and coffee grounds (collected from local bars) into humus, creating compost that acts as a natural fertiliser.
Coffee ground compost is also used to grow mushrooms, the spores of which are “seeded” and left to incubate for 25 days.

Vermicomposting, with the recycling of coffee grounds and crop waste, enables a circular economy by exploiting material considered by many to be worthless and transforming it into an asset, thereby reducing waste.

The natural habitat where ladybirds, which fight parasites and thus act as a natural pesticide, can thrive and reproduce has also been recreated in the garden, thereby eliminating the need for chemical pesticides.
Ladybirds are also attracted naturally by the planting of flowers such as nasturtium and varieties of marigold and so a small wooden shelter was built to offer them a safe refuge.

The Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte is increasingly eco-friendly

All these horticultural techniques can be considered especially appropriate in the environmentally sustainable cuisine adopted by the Principe di Piemonte.

The farm invites local school groups so that young people gain a healthy insight into agriculture and are also encouraged not only to consider working on the land but also to respect nature and the environment.

The Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte has engaged in an in-depth sourcing process that focuses not only on the aesthetic appeal and natural flavour of the produce, but also on social responsibility coupled with sustainability based on respect for and enhancement of the local area.


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