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Environmental Health and Safety

Our Michelin-starred restaurant, Il Piccolo Principe, has been certified to prove our commitment to a strong culture of responsibility and the best international practices to increase its health and safety. Il Piccolo Principe is also endeavoring to find effective solutions for the health and safety of its spaces after today’s health crisis.

Il Piccolo Principe has concretely met the needs of its clients and staff. Not only has it distinguished itself by respecting the national environmental rules and regulations but it also guarantees the health and safety of all its spaces, making them safe and microbiologically monitored by:
1- Appointing a “Manager for Environmental Health and Safety” professionally certified according to ISO/IEC 17024 Rules and Regulations;
2- Obtaining for all the restaurant’s spaces, the Integrated Service Certification for the prevention of biological, chemical and physical contamination to guarantee environmental health and safety (Environmental Health and Safety Standard) for the health and safety of its workplaces and public spaces;
3- Adopting the principles and the quality standards of the Integrated Prevention Service which is superior to the national legislation in force, to guarantee the safety of all its guests and staff members.


The certified environmental health and safety manager has the technical, scientific, managerial and legislative skills and training to coordinate, set-up, manage and monitor the Integrated Contamination Prevention Service, with the aim of guaranteeing all the environmental health and safety quality standards defined by the Environmental Health and Safety Standard.
The Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte has decided to appoint Maddalena Piscopo, the first Environmental Health and Safety Manager to work in the hotel sector. Her position is that of a new professional with the responsibility of guaranteeing safety and hygiene quality standards defined by the National Environmental Health and Safety Standards.
Maddalena Piscopo has worked in the hotel sector for 30 years and is part of the Master Progress Group, a team of professionals that offer consultancy and specialized training to public and private organizations for concrete, sustainable and healthy solutions.
In 2020, Maddalena Piscopo obtained her professional “Manager for Environmental Safety and Health” certification no. 0009_MSA according to the Management System of Personal Certification developed by Kiwa Cermet Italia in conformity with the ISO/IEC 17024 normative.

Download the certificate of Dr. Maddalena Piscopo in pdf >

Thanks to Maddalena Piscopo, we have developed a specific and innovative management model that is based on quality, eco-sustainability and, above all, on the aim to accomplish and maintain the qualitative and quantitative standards laid down by the Environmental Health and Safety Standard on a long-term basis.

Her work is performed in 5 phases:

• The first phase involves a systematic risk analysis of the macro-environment.
• The second phase involves the set-up and implementation of the health and safety standards. Prevention and protection measures against the risk of contamination of all the rooms and public spaces are thus inserted into the management system.
• The third phase involves putting the health and safety plan into action to eliminate and contain the risk.
• The fourth phase involves training all the staff members to be aware and responsible for environmental health and safety.
• The final phase involves monitoring and taking corrective actions to guarantee continuous Excellence and Improvement.

The responsibility of developing, spreading, fostering, updating and checking the efficient application of our integrated Management System for Environmental Health and Safety lies with our Certified Manager for Environmental Health and Safety with the full support of the Board of Directors. Each year, the Board of Directors examines and sets new goals for our environmental health and safety performance.
These goals, set up by the Board of Directors and the Certified Manager for Environmental Health and Safety, are documented in the Management Plan for Environmental Safety and Health and communicated to all the processing staff who is responsible for continuous goal monitoring.
In order to guarantee the efficiency of the Integrated Environmental Health and Safety System, we have identified all the roles, responsibilities, duties and shared duties of the staff members who direct, carry out and control all the activities that can have an impact on the Management System.
The organizational structure understands and shares company policies and communicates them in all the meetings and workshops.

It is the duty of the Board of Directors and the Certified Manager for Environmental Health and Safety to verify how well the policies are shared. Every month, they examine the results of internal audits to see if there are any non-conformities so that they can carry out corrective actions.

MONITORING the results in order to always MAINTAIN the contamination prevention standards on a long-term basis is made possible through our Manager for Environmental Health and Safety and by our third party, Kiwa Cermet, that checks the results.


Kiwa is a world leader for Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC). Its services create client trust in products, processes, systems and professional skills. Kiwa participates in a wide variety of market sectors from the construction sector to the water and energy sectors and from the health sector to the food, feed and farm sectors. Kiwa specializes, among other things, in certifying Management Systems, Corporate Social Responsibility, Testing and Metrology. Kiwa’s clients are in the manufacturing sector, the industrial sector and in the public (or private) utilities sector, as well as governments and international institutions.
Kiwa employs over 5,500 people in 35 countries, mainly in Europe, Asia and Latin America.


Kiwa’s certification is innovative in that it mainly focuses on guaranteeing healthy and safe environments by certifying the absence of any biological, chemical and physical contamination and, in the case of a risk, containing any type of contamination.
Kiwa’s Certification goes beyond today’s concept of disinfecting spaces and surfaces. Clients who want to certify their spaces must adopt a new management method which involves an approach based on performance results and the appointment of a Manager for Environmental Health and Safety.
The certificate is valid for one year and it includes not only regular auditing but a Blockchain monitoring system which is based on the checks and controls that our hotel guarantees with its Manager for Environmental Safety and Health.
The duration and frequency of the controls are based on the degree of criticality of the biological, chemical and physical contamination risks.
Every 3 months, Kiwa Cermet checks the monitoring activities of the “internal monitoring plan”, detailed in the Environmental Health and Safety Standard which are registered in the blockchain platform by our Manager for Environmental Health and Safety.
In the event of abnormalities, our organization must send Kiwa Cermet all its documents and clarifications within the deadlines specified.
Audits without appointment are also carried out by Kiwa Cermet to verify the behavior of the appointed staff members and their adherence to the requirements of the Standard.

The procedures carried out by the certificate’s internal monitoring activities are also very important as they:
– maintain the quality standards for health and hygiene safety;
– develop a culture of prevention and control;
– interact with the Manager for Environmental Health and Safety.

Our whole system is transparent. Indeed, our clients can scan the QR code (on the mark in the certified areas) in order to see the macroarea, calculated on the basis of the risk and parameter indicators of the Environmental Health and Safety Standard.

We can proudly say that we are guarantors of today’s new culture of Health and Safety because we offer: Quality, Service, Efficiency, Reliability and Credibility for one and all’s Health and Safety.

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