Hotel Torre del Lago

For Giacomo Puccini Torre del Lago was a life-long companion to the point that in 1938 the surname of the famous composer was added to the town overlooking Lake Massaciuccoli.

And just a few kilometres away there was the Principe di Piemonte, elegant and already known as the most refined of Grand Hotels. Of course Torre del Lago has changed a lot since then, and for almost sixty years has organised the famous Puccini Festival featuring artists and audiences from all over Europe. Much has also changed at the Principe di Piemonte.

In more recent years the hotel has had a loving facelift which has brought back all the former splendour of our beloved Grand Hotel. Down the years Torre del Lago has attracted music lovers and the Principe di Piemonte has always stood out for the excellence of its Tuscan hospitality.

And so what could be better than to unite these two gems on the same necklace: for those of you who have already, or are about to, purchase a seat for the Puccini Festival, Torre del Lago will be even more magical if you decide to book a room at the Principe di Piemonte Grand Hotel. Torre del Lago awaits you, don’t keep it waiting too long!

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