The Styles

Five floors, in contrasting décor, represent the perfect journey across the elegant generosity of each era, culminating in the contemporary brightness of the roof-top pool, a blue space stretching towards the sea, and merging building and horizon in the eye of the beholder.

Oriental fabrics of eighteenth-century Paris seduce you, evoking the exotic tastes of that era and granting you repose in their delicate and subtle colours.
Inhale the perfumes of dark wood: exquisite parchment and light evanescent silks envelop you, embodying the spirit of turn-of-the-century Belle Époque.
India, the Orient, Africa. Lose yourself in distant lands: listen to the murmur of ancient and primitive peoples; the conquest fulfils your every intuition.
Walk solemnly through the luxurious greatness of an empire that reveals its magnificence in the soft fabrics enfolding you while you sleep and the touch of exquisite lacquering lighting up the rooms.
Lose yourself in soft rooms forgetful of the past: here, bare essential forms approach you, with nestling light waiting to be enjoyed, while the marine blue overflows your view.
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